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Local Honey Maker

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Where Does Honey Come From

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A Lesson From Your Local Honey Maker:

[/custom_headline][text_output]Local Honey Maker[dropcap]H[/dropcap]oney starts as flower nectar, collected by bees, is then naturally broken down into simple sugars and stored in honeycombs. To create the gooey, sweet liquid known as honey bees must cause evaporation to take place. Bees are able to do this by using the honeycomb shape in addition to constantly fanning the honey with their wings
The flavor and color of honey varies between hives. These attributes are based on the type of flower nectar collected by the bees. Honey made from Orange Blossom nectar might be light in color for example, since honey from Avocado or Wildflowers might have a darker amber color.

All Beekeepers harvest honey by gathering the honeycomb frames and removing the wax cap that bees make to seal the honey in each cell.
Once the caps are scraped off, the frames are placed in a centrifuge called the Extractor. This spins the frames, driving the honey out of the comb. The honey is spun to the sides of the extractor, and with the help of gravity pulls the honey to the bottom where it can be collected.

After all the honey is extracted, it is filtered to get rid of any remaining pieces of wax or other fragments. Some beekeepers and bottlers might heat the honey to make it easier to strain. If kept under a certain temperature this does nothing to alter the liquid’s natural composition and makes the straining process easier and more effective.Local Honey Maker
Now, it’s time to bottle, label and distribute the honey to retailers! If the ingredient label says pure honey, purchased at the grocery store or farmers market, or the container is glass or plastic, you can feel confident that nothing was added, from bee to bottle.

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