“The honey here is incredible! The honey is sourced from bee keepers around Southern California, and many are from Temecula Valley.

The honey is sold in many local farmers markets and places like Toms Farms which is where I initially found it.

I especially love the orange blossom flavor. I will even put their honey in my coffee sometimes. Yum!!!”

-Tim D.


“I was given a gift of Hatch and Chipotle Temecula Valley Honeys. WOW! That’s all I can say! The Hatch honey goes great in coffee with natural cocoa powder and cream. Smooth with just the right bite. Very excited about the Chipotle honey. Now that has a bite that makes you sit up.”

-Donna L.


“Avocado honey is my favorite, not too sweet. Can’t find it anywhere else either. Perfect.”

-Tobi S.


“Completely in love with the habenero honey! Will be rushing back to the farmer’s market this week for a bigger bottle.”

-Janel G.


“Love their products!”

-Trisha D.