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Local Buckwheat Blossoms Honey for Sale

Raw Local Honey – Buckwheat Blossoms


It is dark, full-bodied, and rich in iron — a key reason which it’s popular with honey lovers. Buckwheat honey has been found to contain more antioxidant compounds than some lighter honeys. It is perhaps the strongest and darkest of honey varieties.

Local Honey Mountain SageBuy Honey Online Temecula

Raw Local Honey – Mountain Sage


Mountain Sage Honey, primarily produced in California, is light in color; heavy bodied and has a mild but delightful flavor. It is extremely slow to granulate, making it a favorite honey variety among honey packers.

Raw Local Honey – Raspberry Blossoms


Our Raspberry honey has a delicate scent of flowers along with the delicate flavor of raspberry with a very pleasant aroma and wonderful taste. This honey would be great drizzled over chocolate.

Raw Local Honey – Blackberry


Our Blackberry honey has a soft flowery scent, this fruity honey tastes like fresh berries. It has a light amber color with a delicate and discreet, not to sweet taste; delicious with cheese, fruit or by itself.

Raw Local Honey – Meadow Foam Reserved


The first of our reserve honeys comes from the Oregon coast from a small white flower   Limnanthes alba . This flower produces a brilliant honey called Meadow Foam that boasts a warm distinctive aroma of vanilla, and the taste of toasted marshmallows. This combination is sure to tantalize the taste buds of all who eat it. Its unique flavor is a great compliment as a spread on toast or a topping on your favorite ice cream.

Raw Local Honey – Super Bloom


NEW!!  Our Super Bloom is a new honey for us this year. It comes from the bloom near and along the I15 corridor in Southern California. It has a clean and bright taste that is smooth on the palate. It is a light honey with strong hints of floral that are not overpowering for the taste buds. A great honey to enjoy with summer fruit, as a spread on toast and breads or simply by its self.